Epoxy Floor Coating Experts in Melbourne

Epoxy floor coating is the latest in-trend flooring technique. If you are looking for the best epoxy flooring services in Melbourne, Level Grind is your best bet.

What Is Epoxy flooring?

Epoxy is used to describe floor coatings that are created from resin, which is composed of short-chain polymers. Epoxy is the strongest resin in the industry. It is generally chosen for its outstanding properties and proportional vitality. Epoxy floors have chemical and heat resistant properties, as well as extremely low shrinkage. It is proven to be the best repair option as well because of its ability to finely bond with dissimilar materials. It has an unmatched strength that makes the floor look glossy and extremely durable at the same time.

Epoxy floor Coating Melbourne

Epoxy is evolving as a popular option for flooring in residential, commercial, as well as industrial sectors. This two-part coating – resin and hardener – performs best as floor coating because of its super strength. Epoxy floor coating has various features like rapid cure, increased abrasion resistance, higher or lower viscosity, etc. Further, for aesthetic factors, vinyl flakes, quartz aggregate, glitter, or texture paint are added. And for strength and thickness, slurry and trowel type additives are added. Epoxy flooring is no doubt a versatile flooring option in terms of its achievement and design for your concrete floor coating.

What Is Concrete Floor Coating?

Concrete floor coating refers to the covering of concrete using a liquid material that either solidifies, like epoxy, or dries, like paint. It is an added layer to concrete floor slabs for added protection and better aesthetics. Concrete floor coating protects the floor from degradation by providing abrasion and guards the floor against stains and makes them chemical and heat resistant. The concrete coating increases the lifespan of your floor and makes them durable. The most popular types of coating used for concrete floors are acrylics, epoxy, paint, tiles, etc.

How Much Does Epoxy Coating Cost on Average?

Generally, epoxy flooring is an affordable option compared to other concrete coatings, but due to the epoxy’s material quality, many businesses might charge you more but will not deliver what you desire. We analyse every area that needs to be covered, how much repair it needs, and then determine the cost accordingly. This method proves to be beneficial for our clients as they will be better aware of the work that they are paying for and if it is worth the cost.

Industrial Floor Coatings Specialist: Epoxy Flooring Garage

Epoxy coating has the highest strength, as the resin’s strong binding properties perfectly align with dissimilar materials. Moreover, its resistance to heat and chemicals make it the ideal floor type for industries.

What is Industrial Coating?

Industrial coating is used to protect the industrial floor. Not only are they strong and resistant to various hazardous chemicals and heat, but they also have an aesthetic appeal. The most traditional application for industrial coating is to prevent concrete from degradation and damage, making the floor less vulnerable to heat and chemicals. Industrial coatings are designed to last longer, which makes them cost-efficient and requires low maintenance. Some of the most used industrial coatings are epoxy, polyurethane, fluoropolymer, etc.

What Are the Benefits of Epoxy Floor Coating?

Epoxy floor coatings have many properties that make them ideal for industrial floors, as well as residential and commercial floors.

  • Extremely strong

  • Highly durable and reliable

  • Versatile and can easily align with diverse materials

  • Any type of aesthetic additives can be added

  • Can be applied to any type of floor

  • Impact resistant

  • Easy to maintain

  • Resistant to stains

  • Abrasion resistant

  • Slip-resistant due to its slurry-like additives that create enough friction

What Is the Best Flooring for Garage & Industrial Flooring?

Industries and garages don’t require much aesthetic attention as they require strength and durability. Epoxy floor coating is one of the most entrusted and ideal floorings for industries and garages. Not only can they endure high foot traffic, but the impact-resistant coating can withstand the weight of sharp and heavy items like big cars and machinery. Call or email Level Grind for epoxy floor coating services across Melbourne.