Polished Concrete floor finishes & tile removal Experts in Geelong

The house that we live in should be a comfortable space where we can be ourselves and relax. There are many ways to make the house that you live in feel comfortable. One of them is to customise the appearance to suit what you desire. Functionality is an extremely important aspect while constructing or renovating a house, however, the appearance is an equally important factor as it helps people associate with the house more.

While considering the flooring of a house, a popular choice these days is polished concrete floors. They elevate the visual appeal of your home and are extremely functional. However, laying a polished concrete floor involves a lot of precise steps. If your home is in Geelong and you wish to add a concrete polishing, epoxy floor coating or new flooring systems, hire the experts at Level Grind today!

With a team of experts trained to efficiently utilize the equipment for concrete polishing, our team at Level Grind offers the following services:

  • Polished concrete grinding & sealing
  • Wet concrete grinding
  • Dustless concrete grinding
  • Concretebond grinding
  • Concrete resurfacing
  • Concrete floor finishes
  • Concrete surface preparation
  • Epoxy coatings
  • Glue & Tile removal

Reliable Concrete Resurfacing and Concrete Grinding Service in Geelong

Concrete polished floors are so popular that they are found in commercial spaces, hospitals, and government institutions to elevate the visual appeal. The process of concrete polishing involves mechanical grinding of concrete and then polishing it using different methods to get the glossy finish. At Level Grind, we use concrete floor grinders to grind and level the concrete surface to provide a smooth finish. After which, an epoxy floor coating is provided. They are mixtures of hardeners and polymer resins, which help create a smooth shiny surface that reflects light and brightens the surface. For removing scratches and cracks in the concrete surfaces, we use grind and seal procedures. Through grinding, the scratches and surface imperfections are filled or removed and sealed to get a clean finish.

There may be instances where you might have decided on adding a concrete finish to your floor while renovating your home. If your home already has tile or marble flooring, the concrete polishing can be initiated only after removing the current flooring. We offer comprehensive tile removal services with state-of-the-art equipment, without damaging any of the periphery attributes.

If you are looking to boost the appearance of your home with polished concrete floors by hiring experts, reach out to our team at Level Grind. We provide the best services for concrete finishes, Concrete resurfacing, Epoxy coating  & Tile removal in Geelong. You can contact us via phone on 0418 315 889 or drop us an email at levelgrindgsb@gmail.com for inquiries.