Best Quality Wet & Dustless Concrete Floor Grinder in Melbourne

We are professionals for both wet grinding and dustless grinding methods used in grinding the concrete surfaces for Melbourne resident. We utilize the latest technology in all applications, i.e., residential, commercial, and industrial to get the best results within the timeframe and budget specified by the customers. Our tradesmen have a can-do attitude which enables them to face all the obstacles that may arise during the project.

A High-Quality Dustless & Wet Grinder Melbourne

What is Wet Grinding?

Being the oldest method of grinding concrete, wet concrete is used by many people throughout the world. It involves the use of water as a means to cool the diamond tool by reducing the friction between tool and floor. The dust particles produced as a result of the grinding get mixed in the water before becoming airborne, and so, the workers and the customers remain safe from the toxic dust particles.

However, the slurry which contains water and cement dust needs to be disposed of properly in accordance with the regulations. Therefore, slurry collection and disposal require sufficient research, time, and effort. The major drawback of wet grinding is that the floor will not get the same level of shine as it can get with the dustless grinding method. Call now for grinding services across Melbourne.

Wet Concrete Floor Grinder

What is Dustless Grinding?

In the dustless grinding method, the use of water is avoided, which leads to dust exposure and air contamination. But, to eliminate the hassle of dust collection as well as to offer the workers protection from harmful air pollutants, dust extraction equipment is attached to the concrete grinder. This equipment traps the dust and stops it from getting spread into the air.

As the dust gets collected as soon as it is generated, the concrete surfaces don’t need much cleaning, which saves time, effort and cost. The dust and debris can be disposed of quickly than the slurry. Dustless grinding allows you to achieve the high level of shine for your concrete floors.

We assess the condition of the concrete surface and consider other factors for determining which method is suitable to meet your expectations. Many times, work is commenced with the wet grinder method, and at the later stages, the dustless grinding method is used. We clean up the site after completion of the job to make your concrete floor ready for coatings.