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LevelGrind is a Geelong based company that offers concrete polishing of Melbourne regions.

LevelGrind is an owner operated business that provides and attentive high level of customer service.

At LevelGrind we use state of the art grinding and polishing machinery. this enables us to provide the highest quality that the customer requires for their concrete floor.

LevelGrind work step by step with our customers which will give you peace of mind from start to finish of your job.

New style homes demand well-furnished rooms and sparkling floors with attractive designs that can be customised. Concrete floor finish is the latest architectural technique that is preferred by many homeowners and designers because of the versatility and durability they offer. Concrete floors can be coloured and stainedto correspond with the marble, designed with custom graphics, and much more. Concrete floor finishes also include polishing and decorative coatings that can be applied to already subsisting as well as new concrete.

If you are looking for a service that delivers the best floor services in Melbourne, then choose LevelGrind. We are a team of experts who always have the best solutions and advice for your concrete floor finish, whether it is polishing, tile and glue removal, or epoxy flooring. LevelGrind is a Geelong-based company that specialises in concrete floor finishes in Melbourne. We aim to deliver the best service that satisfies our customers. Here are a few reasons you should choose us.

Why Choose LevelGrind?

Quality: We always use quality products that are durable and long-lasting. We have high-quality polishes, epoxy, and much more equipment that provide the perfect coating to your floor. Our coatings are known to be the best in Melbourne and surrounding areas as we use only industrial floor coatings.

Experienced Team: Our years of service have made us experts in the field with lots of experience. Our knowledge about various possible designing and coatings of the floor is what you can trust when going for indoor concrete floor finishes.

Affordable: Along with being a quality concrete floor finishing service provider in Melbourne, we also have a price range to accommodate every budget.

Positive Reviews: Customer satisfaction is our main goal. We strive to work hard for our customers and try to keep everything transparent with them. You will be updated about each step so that you get the desired outcome.

High-Quality Indoor Concrete Floor Finishes in Melbourne 

In the past few years, concrete floor finishing has emerged as the latest floor designing technique. Concrete floor finishing can be customized with various design options available. Unlike the traditional vinyl, carpet, and wood flooring, the latest indoor concrete floor finishing has gained immense popularity. But only professionals like our team at LevelGrind have the expertise to deliver high-quality internal concrete floor finishing for your floor customization. We use state-of-the-art grinding and polishing machinery to ensure that you receive the highest quality floor finishing for your home.

Advantages of Using Concrete Flooring 

Besides the attraction these latest concrete floors drive, there are some very crucial advantages of using concrete as flooring. Here are a few benefits:

  • Design versatility: Modern-day concrete flooring is highly customisable, with a variety of the latest designs, stains, and textures that looks tremendously stylish for internal concrete floor finishing.
  • Durable: Concrete is a strong material and can withstand a lot of foot traffic because it is strong and resilient. It can endure almost every kind of substance like furniture, pets, pointed heels, etc.
  • Easy maintenance: Concrete flooring is easy to maintain and demands low-cost effort as it is highly resilient to outside pressure, water, and even certain chemicals.It can easily be wiped clean to make it shine again.
  • Suitable for every type of environment: Concrete flooring can endure every type of environment and can be used in almost every corner of the household including kitchen, garage, basement etc.

Giving LevelGrind the chance to take care of your floors gives you many other advantages, including customer support, affordable pricing, and quality services.

What Type of Flooring Is Most Used in Melbourne Industries?

Instead of choosing carpet and vinyl-like traditional techniques, new-age designers, industries, and homeowners now prefer the latest concrete floor finishing for commercial and personal use. Whether it is industrial flooring or residential flooring – concrete flooring is becoming extremely popular in Melbourne. Its versatile and incredible durability, as well as easy-to-maintain benefits, make it a preferable choice.

Floor finishes done using techniques like polishing and burnish concrete finish on concrete floors will complement well with the latest interior décor of residences and industries.

As the industry is evolving to meet the demands of customers, concrete has become more than it already was –mechanical polish, salt-and-pepper polish, burnished concrete finish, epoxy flooring etc. We use high-quality machinery for burnishing concrete finish and other finishing techniques to deliver the best services. We prioritise customer satisfaction to provide premium quality indoor concrete finish in Melbourne and nearby areas.

If you want to make your flooring visually appealing, just call or email us today and get in touch with one of our experts.

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