Choosing the right type of floor for your house is just as important as choosing the right colour or furniture to give it an aesthetic appearance. While visual appearance is a key element, it is also essential for it to be functional. Currently, polished floors have become a trend, which is a staple in most houses. It is found even in commercial buildings, hospitals, and supermarkets. Polished floors are preferred not just for their appearance but also for their functional value. Hence, hiring experts to polish the concrete floors in your home will help bring out the best-looking and functional floors. Having polished concrete finishes in Melbourne has never been easier as people living in these areas can hire Level Grind. They utilize state of the art tools to provide high quality results.

Do you have to polish concrete floors?

Polished floors are essentially concrete surfaces, which are mechanically ground to achieve a certain look. They include a series of steps such as leveling, densifying, polishing, and sealing the floor. These steps require expertise and hence hiring professionals such as Level Grind, who are trained to handle the latest equipment will ensure great results. They provide the following services: polished concrete, grind & seal, wet concrete grinding, dustless concrete grinding, diamond bond grinding, concrete surface preparation, tile & glue removal, epoxy floor coatings.

What are the advantages of having polished concrete floors?

– Firstly, polished concrete floors have a great visual appearance as they come in various designs and have limitless possibilities for colour and texture.

– Concrete floors are preferred over other type of flooring due to their affordability. They provide high value for the money invested.

– They are long lasting and easy to maintain as they are stain resistant, making cleaning less of a chore.

– They are highly durable, have reduced wear and tear due to strengthening via mechanical grinding.

– Though polished concrete floors are shiny, the shine does not lead to a slippery surface. The mechanical grinding and flattening cause the surface to have high friction.

Polished concrete floors are green alternatives to other types of floors as their installation process is eco-friendly and does not require any additional raw material which is not environmentally sustainable.

– Polished concrete finished need for less lighting as polished floors reflect light back in the room, adding to the green observance, by saving electricity.

– They also have the ability to absorb and release heat within the house, and hence further contributes to energy saving.

If you are looking to boost the appearance of your home with polished concrete finishes and are looking to hire experts, Level Grind is the one to reach out to. They provide the best services for concrete finishes. They can be contacted via phone on 0418 315 889 or drop them an email at for inquiries.